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10 Fun Activities for Kids to Work on Shoulder Strengthening

10 Activities to Work on Shoulder Strengthening for Kids

Stability at the shoulder muscles is an essential component for coordination, postural control and fine motor skill development.  Shoulder stability and strength are necessary for skills such as handwriting, playing catch, reaching, picking up small objects and more.  Basically anytime you move your hand and fingers you need your shoulder to either stabilize or actively contract.  Here are 10 playful, fun activities to work on shoulder strengthening for kids:

  1. Monkey Bars – my personal favorite!
  2. Climbing trees or playground equipment ie ladders, ropes and rock walls
  3. Wheelbarrow walking with a friend or over an exercise ball
  4. Animals walks where the child has to weight bear through the arms and hands such as bear walk, seal walk or donkey kicks
  5. Balloon volley keeping the balloon overhead
  6. Yoga poses
  7. Jumping rope – holding the shoulders steady while you move the rope provides excellent isometric contraction (stability) of the shoulder muscles
  8. Washing windows, table tops and desks – kids really do love to help wash down (adults not so much haha!)
  9. Playing catch with a large exercise ball or a weighted ball
  10. Drawing, writing or coloring on a vertical surface

What is your favorite, playful shoulder strengthening activity for kids?



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