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Shaving Cream Tracks – Fine Motor and Sensory Activity

Shaving Cream Tracks Photo

Shaving Cream Tracks is a fun activity to set up that encourages fine motor skills, tactile input and crossing midline.  You will need plates, toy cars and shaving cream for this activity.  This idea is from Therapeutic Play Activities for Children.

Place the plates in front of the child or one large tray. Squirt shaving cream on each tray. Put a toy car in the shaving cream. Demonstrate driving one toy car in the shaving cream leaving tracks.

Encourage the child to play with each toy car as they are positioned in the picture using the more involved hand. This set up requires the child to reach in all different directions such as midline and reaching across the body to the other side (crossing midline).

If you are concerned about the child mouthing the shaving cream try whipped cream or flour instead.

This activity is from Therapeutic Play Activities for Children.  This digital download includes 100 play activity pages and 12 tip sheets. The play activities encourage the development of fine motor skills, bimanual skills, rolling, crawling, tall kneeling, standing balance and cruising with a strong focus on children with cerebral palsy. FIND OUT MORE INFORMATION

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