New Fine Motor Building Blocks: Plus-Plus

YTS Plus Plus Fine Motor Fun

I found this fun, new fine motor building blocks, Plus-Plus, at the Toy Fair 2017 in NYC.  Each building block is a small double plus sign that interlocks together.  You can use your imagination and creativity to create endless possibilities.  Children will have to use fine motor and visual motor skills to connect the blocks into different patterns and designs.  I decided to add Plus-Plus to the Your Therapy Source shop because of the following reasons:

  1. encourages fine motor skills and visual motor skills.
  2. finger strengthening – you have to use a little force to connect the blocks together.
  3. proprioceptive input – when you pull the blocks apart there is a little resistance.
  4. open ended toy – there are no requirements just build.  You could follow a few directions to create something but in general it is more fun and engaging to create patterns with the fine motor building blocks.
  5. calm, quiet toy – children are working hard and focused while making creations.
  6. portable – the Mini Plus-Plus is packaged in a clear tube (weighs only 4 ounces) so it easy to toss into your therapy bag or pocketbook (may want to put blocks in ziploc bag versus the tube) for those times when children need some entertainment when waiting.
  7. available in two sizes – Mini and Midi Plus-Plus is available.  The Mini are small but slightly easier to put together and take apart.  The Midi are larger and they are slightly harder to put together and take apart.
  8. available in different colors – I chose to carry the basic, neon, bunny and camouflage mix.  The camouflage mix looks great for Mindcraft lovers.

Below is a video of two children using the Plus-Plus blocks.  The first video is of a 3 year old using the Mini Plus-Plus and the second video is a 6 year old using the Midi Plus-Plus.  Find out more information on the product.