5 FREE Positioning Handouts

As pediatric therapists, we are well aware that children need to have stable and strong proximal muscles of the trunk and shoulder girdle in order to use the distal muscles in the fingers and hands.   When we observe in classrooms, we frequently see positioning of children that could use modification.  Perhaps you modify the desk and chair and off you go to see the next student.  Teachers and parents can benefit from informational hand outs to provide visual images and written reminders of proper positioning at school at home.  Here are FREE positioning hand outs (keep in mind Positioning for Scissor Skills is available this week ONLY):

Download sample pages from Handwriting Stations

Proper Posture for Handwriting – this freebie includes a positioning poster for handwriting along with a few sample handwriting practice pages.

Proper Positioning for Keyboarding Freebie from Your Therapy Source

Proper Positioning for Keyboarding Rubric – Here is a free rubric on the proper positioning for keyboarding from the Keyboard Rubrics digital download. School based occupational and physical therapists are frequently involved in evaluating positioning needs in the schools including computer stations. With more and more children spending countless hours in front of a computer screen, proper positioning is essential to prevent long term complications with posture or overuse injuries.

Positioning for Play Your Therapy Source

Positioning for Play – Most of the time during play, children will move in and out of positions frequently which is wonderful. When children are in one position for a longer period of time, there are some general guidelines based on the position of the child.  This hand out provides suggestions for positioning during play in supine (back), prone (belly), sitting and standing.

Scissors SKills Freebie 2

Proper Positioning When Using Scissors – This free poster provides a one page color OR black and white hand out for proper positioning when using scissors.  Only available for FREE for the week starting 4/24/17 to celebrate the new Scissors Skills Book which will be available on 5/1/17.

work-station-positioning-and-keyboarding-skillsWork Station, Positioning and Keyboarding Skills – Young children and students continue to spend more and more time keyboarding for written expression. Whether it be at home before children are school aged or sitting long hours typing away throughout a child’s educational career or even as adults, the work station must be set up efficiently to allow for proper positioning while keyboarding.