Bumble Bee Breathing Break – Deep Breathing Exercise

Did you know that deep breathing exercises can help to alleviate stress, reduce anxiety, strengthen the attention span and sharpen the ability to focus and learn?  In addition, deep breathing helps certain physiological responses as well such as slow the heart rate and decrease blood pressure.  Seems like an easy fix right?  Well, maybe not that easy since it takes practice and time to become mindful of your breathing and to improve your deep breathing techniques.

Give it a try with this FREE Bumble Bee Breathing Break.  Download your FREE breathing break here (a tab will open in a new window).  This is from the Breathing Breaks complete packet.

Bumble Bee Breathing and all the Breathing Breaks are a great activity to teach children to help them to tune out stress, to relax and to get the mind ready to learn.  Here are some suggested times throughout the day to try Bumble Bee Breathing with children:

  1. Before the school day begins.
  2. After recess to help calm the class.
  3. After a brain break.
  4. Following a kinesthetic lesson.
  5. After lunch.
  6. Before a test.

Give the children some time to learn how to do the bumble bee breathing.  Make sure they understand the benefits to the exercise and try and keep it serious.  Children can get silly easily so remind them to stay focused and mindful on their own breathing.

Would love to hear how it goes in your classroom, therapy room or home.  Let me know.
Breathing Breaks: This digital download is a collection of 16 deep breathing exercises and 3 tip sheets. Deep breathing exercises can help to decrease stress, reduce anxiety, remain calm, strengthen sustained attention, sharpen the ability to learn and more! This packet includes 16 full page breathing exercises and 3 tips sheets in color or black and white. In addition, the breathing exercises are provided 4 to a page to make smaller cards or booklets.  FIND OUT MORE INFORMATION.