Fidget Spinner Yoga – FREE Printable

Fidget Spinner Yoga from Your Therapy Source

The Fidget Spinner Workout has been a huge success with hundreds of people downloading it to get kids moving while using their fidget spinners.  I decided to create another printable to incorporate yoga poses into the fidget spinner workout.  You can download your FREE Fidget Spinner Yoga at the end of the post.

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Print the fidget spinner yoga page on cardstock and laminate for durability.  Tape a colored triangle to create an arrow on one of the three circles of the fidget spinner. Place your fidget spinner in the middle of the big spinner. Spin the fidget spinner. When it stops, determine which yoga pose the spinner landed on. Spin the fidget spinner again and perform that yoga pose that it previously landed on for the entire time the fidget spinner spins.  It’s that simple!  Spin and pose… spin and pose…

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