Picture Pokes Freebie to Strengthen Fine Motor Skills

Picture Poke FreebiePicture Pokes Freebie to Strengthen Fine Motor Skills

Are you familiar with poke pictures?  If not, they are pictures comprised of dots for children to poke to strengthen fine motor skills, improve hand mechanics and help with pencil grasp and control when children start writing.  They are perfect for fine motor centers in the classroom (of course supervise closely).

Supplies needed for picture poke freebie from Your Therapy Source

Here is what you need:

  1. free download of fish and heart picture pokes or the Complete Picture Poke Packet
  2. push pin
  3. eraser cap (optional)
  4. scissors
  5. cardstock
  6. cardboard

Download and print the poke picture freebie.

Cut around the fish or the heart.  Place it on top of the cardstock paper.  Put both of them on top of cardboard or a cutting mat to protect the surface under the cardstock.  Put the eraser cap on top of the push pin.

Demonstrate for the children how to layer and use the push pin with the poke picture.  Teach the children how to safely use the push pin i.e. don’t poke anyone including yourself, only poke the paper, only poke over the cardboard, etc.  Check that the children understand the rules before allowing the children to complete the activity.

Provide the children with the push pin and the poke picture.  Remind the children not to press too hard.

Hang up the pictures when poked in a window to let the light shine through.

Poke Pictures - work on hand mechanics for pencil grasp and control

Get the complete Poke Pictures digital download which includes the following:

  1. Direction page with tips and suggestions for modifications and supplies
  2. Tool Options – more tips and suggestions with photos
  3. Hand Drawn Poke Pictures – 10 pages of designs included 21 pictures, upper case alphabet, lower case alphabet and numbers


Watch the video to view it all in action.