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Hole Punch Free Printable – Hungry Monster

Hole Punch Free Printable Hungry MonsterHole Punch Free Printable – Hungry Monster

With October right around the corner, I thought you might like some fun Halloween activities.  Help the hungry monster eat the correct candy by punching out the holes that match the candy he is eating.  This hole punch free printable (download access at bottom of post) helps children to:

  • work on strengthening the muscles in the fingers and hands – closing the hole punch is a hand workout!
  • practice visual motor skills – finding the location to hole punch
  • practice visual discrimination skills – find the matching candy
  • practice bilateral coordination skills – hold the paper with one hand and use the hole punch with the other hand

If you need other hole punch activities, check out Hole Punch Palooza.

Hole Punch Palooza from https://www.yourtherapysource.com/holepunch.html

Hole Punch Palooza – Download of over 100 hole punch strips – punch out matching letters, shapes, numbers and visual discrimination challenges.  FIND OUT MORE.

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Hole Punch Free Printable Hungry Monster