Hand Strengthening Activities for Kids

Does your child or student have decreased muscle strength in the hands?  Are you in search of novel and creative hand strengthening activities?  Check out all these ideas below.  Many include FREE printables and use materials that you will have around your house! Using Clothes Pins and Craft Sticks as a Hand Strengthening Tool Here […]

Hand Strengthening Exercise Game

add this fun FREE printable hand strengthening exercise game to work on building up those muscles.

Today’s children seem to be spending more and more time on screens and less time on playing with real toys. This can result in weaker muscles in the hand and fingers. Developing hand strength in children is super important for everyday functional skills.  Kids need to have the adequate muscle strength to use the monkey […]

Grip Strength of Children – What does the data say?

Grip Strength of Children Decreased grip strength is frequently present in children referred to occupational and physical therapy.  How do you measure the grip strength of children during your evaluations or annual reassessments?  Do you use clinical observation to determine if the child’s handgrip strength is poor, fair or normal?  Perhaps you assess functional skills […]

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Homemade Play Dough Recipes and Activity Ideas

Pediatric therapists, parents and teachers use homemade play dough recipes daily. Here is a collection of fun ones from the Internet to explore. 1. Recipes for Sensory Fun: This is a nice 5 page download created by a therapy company to hand out to parents. 2. Nuture Store – Let’s Play with Dough – includes […]

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How to Play the Visual Perceptual Clothes Pin Games

I am so excited about this new download, Visual Perceptual Clothes Pin Games, that combines visual perceptual skills, hand strengthening and play skills. The first game is the Dinosaur Shadow Game.  It includes four different dinosaurs to pin your clothes pins on if your dinosaur matches the shadow on the board game. The next game […]

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Shape People Punches Freebie

Here is a cute hole punch activity freebie – Shape People Punches.  Punch a hole in the matching shapes to the shape person. You can download it here  https://yourtherapysource.com/freeshapepunch.html Hole Punch Palooza – Download of over 100 hole punch strips – punch out matching letters, shapes, numbers and visual discrimination challenges.  FIND OUT MORE AT https://yourtherapysource.com/holepunch.html

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Clothes Pin Silly Faces

Here are some FREE printables to make these fun clothes pin silly faces.  Print the download from https://yourtherapysource.com/freeclothespinfaces.html .  Add some clothes pins and let the children create their own silly hair.  It would be even more fun if you had some hair extension clips that you could add.  They encourage strengthening of the fingers and […]