50 Bimanual Activities of Daily Living – FREE Printable

50 Bimanual Activities of Daily Living FREE Printables50 Bimanual Activities of Daily Living – FREE Printable

Bimanual activities are skills that we use two hands to complete.  All children benefit from practicing bimanual skills to help develop coordination skills, crossing midline, and functional life skills.  Children with cerebral palsy, especially hemiplegia, are often encouraged to participate in bimanual activities.  Many times following a period of constraint therapy, bimanual exercises are recommended.  This list of 50 bimanual activities of daily living makes it a little easier to facilitate these skills.

With the busy schedules of today’s families, it can be so difficult to allocate time to practice all the skills necessary.  This list of 50 bimanual activities of daily living, the skills can be practiced throughout the normal routine of the day at home and school.  You can download a FREE two page printable at the bottom of the post.

Here are 50 Bimanual Activities of Daily Living divided into 5 categories –

Kitchen Tasks:
1. Wash dishes with two hands.
2. Carry tray.
3. Open containers.
4. Carry heavy items.
5. Use a rolling pin with two hands.
6. Hold the bowl with one hand and stir with the other hand.
7. Knead dough with two hands.
8. Push chairs in and out at the table.
9. Drink from a cup with two handles.
10. Hold dish in one hand and dry it off with the dish towel in the other hand.

Personal Hygiene:
1. Washing hair with two hands.
2. Wring out washcloth with two hands.
3. Towel dry off with two hands.
4. Get dressed.
5. Carry pile of dirty laundry.
6. Fold laundry.
7. Open and close drawers.
8. Hold toothpaste tube with one hand and use the other hand to open toothpaste cap.
9. Squeeze toothpaste with one hand and hold toothbrush with the other hand.
10. Zip a zipper.

1. Hang laundry on a clothesline.
2. Transfer heavy, wet clothes to the dryer.
3. Sweep the floor.
4. Mop the floor.
5. Clean up large toys and games that require two hands to lift.
6. Push wheelbarrow.
7. Rip up junk mail using two hands.
8. Cut coupons out – one hand to hold paper one to use the scissors.
9. Carry recycles out to the trash.
10. Wash tables using two hands on the cloth or two clothes at one time.

School Day:
1. Getting coat on and off.
2. Zipping up backpack or pencil pouch.
3. Carrying large textbooks.
4. Squeezing glue out with two hands.
5. Scissor use – hold paper with one hand and use the scissors with the other hand.
6. Sharpen pencils with a manual pencil sharpener.
7. Hold book with one hand and turn pages of book with the other hand.
8. Drawing lines with a ruler.
9. Using stencils – hold the stencil down with one hand, trace around it with the other hand.
10. Writing, coloring, or painting on paper – hold the paper with one hand and make marks with the other hand.

1. Uncap and cap markers for coloring.
2. Hold the paper with one hand while coloring on the paper with the other hand.
3. Use play dough – squeeze, roll, and squish it with two hands.
4. Play with a slinky toy between both hands.
5. Play musical instruments that require two hands – cymbals, drums, etc.
6. Throwing and catching large balls.
7. Pulling interlocking blocks apart or putting interlocking blocks together.
8. Pouring large containers of water or sand using two hands.
9. Organized sports or extra-curricular activities such as swimming, volleyball or martial arts.
10. Weight-bearing activities with both hands i.e. wheelbarrow walking, bear walking, and crab walking.

If you need more bimanual activity ideas, check out Therapeutic PLAY Activities for Children.  The digital download includes 100 play activity pages and 12 tip sheets. The play activities encourage the development of fine motor skills, bimanual skills, rolling, crawling, tall kneeling, standing balance and cruising with a strong focus on children with cerebral palsy.

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50 Bimanual Activities of Daily Living FREE Printables