Air Drawing Brain Break Freebie

Air Drawing Brain Break Freebie
Air Drawing Brain Break Freebie

Do you need a quick brain break activity?  This air drawing brain break addresses so many skills and requires NO PREP.  Just print (download at the end of the post) and start moving.  Or don’t even print, show it on the projection screen in the classroom for a whole class brain break.

There are several reasons that make this air drawing brain break awesome.  First of all, it requires zero preparation.  We all know that is HUGE!  Second of all, it addresses many skills so it is not just a break from academic learning.  The children should be instructed to pretend to draw the arrows on an imaginary wall in front of them.  Each child should clasp their hands together (the word clasp may be difficult to understand for some children so provide a demonstration or say “put your hands together”).  Hold your hands out in front of you with your arms at about 90 degrees, starting off with elbows straight.

Instruct the child to imagine they are starting at the green dot, and air draw along the direction of the arrow.  For the first arrow directions, you could name it “wavy”.  The students should go from left to right and then right to left.   For the second arrow, the children should air draw a clockwise circle.  The third arrow is a zig-zag pattern from left to right and up.  The fourth arrow is the infinity sign.  The fifth arrow starts at the upper left-hand side, going down and around twice.  Finally, the sixth arrow glides and loops from top to bottom.  As you move your arms along the path, encourage the students to visually track their hands.

The air drawing brain break allows children to practice the following:

  1. directionality from left to right and top to bottom.
  2. visual-spatial skills.
  3. kinesthetic awareness of hands and arms (where your hands and arms are in space).
  4. visual tracking.
  5. eye-hand coordination.
  6. crossing midline.
  7. bilateral coordination (moving both sides of the body together).
  8. motor planning

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If students need more practice following directions, Which Way? includes 16 directional arrow pages (large and small size) plus 6 boards to follow. The activities are available in varying degrees of difficulty. Children will practice moving right, left, diagonally, forwards, backwards, clockwise, down and up. Practice motor planning skills, visually scanning from right to left, understanding prepositional phrases and spatial awareness with this movement activity. FIND OUT MORE.

Which Way?

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