Summer Visual Scanning Activity – How Fast Can You Find It?

Summer Visual Scanning ActivitySummer Visual Scanning Activity – How Fast Can You Find It?

This Summer visual scanning activity is super fun to see how fast you can find all the different summer objects.  This freebie challenges visual scanning, visual discrimination, and visual motor skills.

How to Complete the Summer Visual Scanning Activity

  1.  Start the time.
  2.  Scan from left to right and top to bottom to mark off all of the sailboats.
  3.  When all sailboats have been found, stop the timer.
  4.  Record your time next to the sailboat picture.
  5.  Repeat for the bicycle and record your time.
  6.  Repeat for the watermelon slice and record your time.
  7.  See which object you found the fastest or go head to head with a friend to see who can complete the task the quickest.

Download your FREE Summer Visual Scanning Activity here.

This activity is from Ready, Set, Scan SUMMER.

Ready Set Scan Summer theme

The Ready Set Scan SUMMER Theme digital download includes 12 visual scanning and discrimination activities all with a SUMMER theme. How fast can you scan, find and mark each item? There are 12 challenges in all with different themes including summer objects, ice cream, popsicles, flip-flops, and sunshine.  Just print and start the search.  Follow the directions: start a timer, scan for one object at a time, mark each object and stop the timer.  Record your time in the box provided.  Dot markers work great for marking the item.  Use a different color dot marker for each item.  Add fine motor skills by using pom poms or bingo chips to mark each object.  Add some summer fun to your visual perceptual practice!

Ready, Set, Scan SUMMER encourages:

  • visual scanning
  • visual tracking
  • visual discrimination skills
  • visual motor skills


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