Free Dinosaur Printables to Practice Visual Motor and Handwriting Skills

If you work with children who like dinosaurs, they are going to LOVE these free dinosaur printables.  You can download them at the bottom of the post.

How to Use the Free Dinosaur Printables

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Print the two pages.

Provide each child with page 1 to record their answers.

The children are going to use page 2 to go on their dinosaur hunt.

They need to find 14 dinosaur eggs, 16 ferns, and 6 plants.

After they find those objects, you can increase the challenge and have the children write down all the names of the dinosaurs from the letters A to Z.

The Benefits of the Free Dinosaur Printables – Dinosaur Hunt

When children complete the activity they are practicing the following:

  • visual discrimination skills
  • visual motor skills
  • near point copying
  • figure-ground skills
  • handwriting skills

Want to add in some postural strengthening?

Hang page 2 on the wall.  Tape page 1 to an easel and the child can record their answers on a vertical surface.

Illustrations for this free dinosaur printable was created by Moloko88 used under a Shutterstock license.

Looking for more dinosaur printables?

Are you in search of dinosaur games for kids?  This Dinosaur Fun packet includes 25 no prep, puzzles, games, mazes, and activities to print and play.

The Dinosaur Fun packet includes 25 no prep, puzzles, games, mazes, and activities to print and play.  The Dinosaur games for kids packet is ready to go.  Busy professionals, teachers, and parents will appreciate these ready to go activities to help children succeed.  FIND OUT MORE.

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