Emoji Story Writing Freebie

Looking for a novel way to practice handwriting? Check out this Emoji Story Writing worksheet. You can download it for free at the bottom of the post.

This Emoji Writing Prompt encourages creative writing along with handwriting and fine motor skills practice. It is from the complete Emoji Writing Prompt packet.

The Writing Prompt Complete Packet includes:

  • 15 writing prompt pages in single line or double line format depending upon your student’s handwriting skills
  • each emoji page includes 6 emoji images to spark ideas for setting, characters and plot.
  • 30 bonus emoji images to add feeling to your stories.

How to Use the Emoji Story Writing Freebie

  1. Sign up to receive the newsletter from Your Therapy Source to gain access to the FREE emoji story writing worksheet.
  2. Download the PDF and print the worksheet. Choose between the single line or double lined options.
  3. Students can cut out the emojis and add them to their very own emoji story that they write.

What Skills Do Students Practice When They Complete This Activity?

The activity works on the following skills:

  • handwriting
  • scissor skills
  • writing composition
  • visual motor skills

When Should Students Use this Freebie?

The printables are perfect anytime for:

  • handwriting practice
  • carry over activities
  • Occupational therapy session

More Activities to Help Students with Handwriting

Here are additional creative and helpful resources to help your students with their handwriting skills.

Download your Emoji Story Writing Freebie Here

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Check out this Emoji Story Writing worksheet. You can download it for free at the bottom of the post.