I Spy Thanksgiving Free Printable Game

Thanksgiving is approaching and this cute black and white, I Spy Thanksgiving Free Printable is a great way to help celebrate this holiday. Challenge little minds to count and color the Thanksgiving objects. You can download your free copy at the bottom of this post.

How Does the I Spy Thanksgiving Free PDF Work?

Get started right away with this fun activity.

  1. Sign up to download the freebie at the bottom of the post.
  2. Download and print the free Thanksgiving puzzle.
  3. Children can look and find the Thanksgiving objects.

If you need more Thanksgiving printable games, check out the Thanksgiving Bundle deal. These fun Thanksgiving Printables are such an easy way to come up with Thanksgiving sensory-motor ideas. And we all know that it isn’t that easy to come up with fine motor, gross motor and visual perceptual activities that relate to a turkey, is it?

What Supplies Will You Need for the Spy Game?

For this fun game, you will need:

  • a printer with black and white ink
  • colored pencils, crayons, or markers
  • white paper to print the recording sheet

If you do not want to print the activity multiple times, you could mark up the PDF and just count the objects. Another option would be to slip the paper into a transparent sleeve or laminate it. Grab a dry erase marker and you can use it over and over again.

When is a Good Time To Use This Fun Thanksgiving Activity – I Spy Game?

Whether you are in school or at home, there are plenty of opportunities to have a little Thanksgiving fun with this free printable worksheet. You can use the free printable Thanksgiving PDF file for:

  • math center
  • fine motor skills center
  • classroom party
  • during quiet time
  • a road trip activity – just print it and put it on a clipboard
  • when waiting for the Thanksgiving turkey to be cooked
  • Occupational Therapy session
  • a fun carry over activity over the Thanksgiving break

Want to extend the activity?

Try playing I Spy with My Little Eye while waiting for Thanksgiving dinner. Younger kids love this classic game. Using the printable, see if you can find the real objects in the house. Can you find the turkey? How about the pumpkin pie? Maybe go outdoors and look for acorns. These kinds of fun activities not only encourage your little ones to pay attention to detail it can also add physical activity as you move around the house.

Add in even more physical activity by encouraging the children to move like the objects. See if the kids can:

  • waddle like a turkey
  • curl up like a round acorn
  • roll like a pumpkin
  • spin and twirl like a falling leaf

Do you need more active play ideas for Thanksgiving?  Thanksgiving Poses includes 12 full-size pages with one Thanksgiving pose and directions per page, 3 pages of the 12 poses in smaller sizes, 20 games ideas to use with the poses, and Cornucopia game cards and directions.

What Skills are Children Working on When they Complete this Themed Activity – I Spy Thanksgiving?

When children work on this I Spy Thanksgiving Game they are practicing the following skills:

  • visual-motor skills
  • fine motor skills
  • counting skills
  • focus
  • visual scanning
  • visual discrimination

All of these skills are excellent foundational practice for literacy such as reading and math skills too! Kids of all ages will enjoy this activity that makes learning fun!

Download Your Thanksgiving I Spy FREE Printable

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Illustrations by Lexi Claus used under a Shutterstock license.

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