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Beach Ball Games and Activities

Beach balls are perhaps one of the cheapest and most versatile items to toss in your bag of tricks. Kids of all ages love to play with these colorful, fun balls at the beach, on the sand, in the pool, or even inside! Here are a variety of beach ball games and activities you can play to encourage gross motor skills, coordination skills, and more! You can download a free printable to attach to a beach ball too – it makes a great gift!


Here are some simple beach ball games and ideas for the backyard to challenge hand-eye coordination, eye-foot coordination, and more:

  • play soccer with the beach ball
  • crab soccer – kick the ball while crawling like a crab
  • relay races and kick the ball around cones
  • play baseball hit the beach ball with pool noodles as the bat
  • toss the beach ball through two trees or a hula hoop
  • bounce the beach ball
  • roll it down a slide and see if your friend can catch it at the bottom
  • use it as a bowling ball and use recycled 2 liter bottles as your bowling pins
  • toss and catch the beach ball with a friend using a beach towel
  • target toss – draw targets with a sidewalk chalk or use hula hoops. Score points when you toss the beach ball into the targets.

Why not create a big obstacle course for your beach ball? Set up different challenges to move through while kicking the ball or hitting the ball with pool noodles. Get the ball to go around and under beach chairs.


How many different ways can you play with the ball? Can you toss and catch it? How about throw it up in the air, clap your hands, and then catch it? You can download this FREE printable at the bottom of this post to try more challenges to Have a Ball this Summer. Grab your beach ball and get started!

This would make a great end of the year gift idea for your students too! Head to the Dollar Store and pick up a beach ball. Staple this printable to the package and you are all set to go!


Want to encourage physical fitness in the kids? Try this one of these fun games to encourage coordination skills, muscle strengthening, balance and gross motor skills. You will need a beach ball, permanent marker, and music.

Use the permanent marker to write different exercises on the beach ball.  Write each activity inside a small cloud or circle.  Here are some suggestions: jumping jacks, cross crawls, marching in place, knees to chest, windmills, squats, stand on right foot, stand on left foot, stand heel to toe, tree pose, etc.


Activity #1:  Play a simple game of toss and catch.  When you catch the ball you must perform the exercise that your right thumb is touching.  Perform each exercise for 10 repetitions or hold for a count of 10.

Activity #2:  Turn a music player on.  Pass the ball around the group.  When the music stops, whoever is holding the ball will perform the exercise under his/her right thumb.  Everyone in the group repeats the exercise.  Turn the music back on and continue to stop the music to perform a therapeutic exercise.

Activity #3:  Kick the ball around a circle with a group of children.  When you yell stop a child should hold the ball between both his/her feet.  Perform the exercise that his/her right ankle is touching.  Repeat kicking and stopping to perform the exercises.


Add different academic material to the beach ball in addition to the exercises. How about letters or sight words? Maybe math problems? This makes sight word activities turn into a movement and learning experience for young children.


The beach ball is one of the most popular items on the beach. Of course, most of these can be played by the pool or in your backyard. It’s great to throw around, bounce with, and toss at other people in the water. If you’re looking for some fun games to play with your friends or family at the beach, here are some of the best beach games to play with a beach ball.

Beach Ball Volleyball

This is a classic game that can be played on sand or in the water. All you need to do is put a volleyball net between two players, and hit the ball over the net. If you do not have a net, no problem! Just put a rope on the ground or float a pool noodle in the water to use as your pretend net. Try changing up the game – can you hit the ball over the net using anything but your hands? Maybe use your head or your feet!

Keep It Up

For preschoolers or younger children, just try keeping the beach ball up in the air. How many times can you hit it to each other in a row without it dropping to the ground?

Chase It

Another favorite for the younger crowd, it to chase the beach ball in the waves. Obviously, supervise the kids closely but it is fun to follow after the beach ball as it gets tossed around in the whitewater. If you do not want the kids in the water, just kick and chase the ball.


Want to get active indoors with your beach ball? If you are in a small space, you might want to try a balloon instead of a beach ball. Try some of these fun games and activities:

  • Laundry Basketball – can you throw the beach ball into the laundry basket?
  • Hot Potato Game with the Beach Ball – play hot potato but use the beach ball. Turn on the music and pass the ball. Turn off the music and freeze. Whoever is holding the ball is out of the game.
  • Follow the Line – Make a path with painter’s tape on the floor or wall. Hold the ball with two hands and roll it along the line.
  • Hit the Target – Hang up a few post-it notes or put them on the floor with letters, numbers, or words. Call out a letter and throw the beach ball at the target.
  • Roll the Beach Ball Using a Paddle – try creating an activity bat to hit the beach ball along the floor


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