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Fine and Gross Motor Group Activity Idea – Activity Balloon Bat

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Fine and Gross Motor Group Activity Idea

If you need a fun gross motor group activity idea that also includes fine motor skills and coordination skills, this balloon bat is perfect.  You can use the suggested activity for gross motor skill group session, indoor recess, or physical education class.

Materials Needed for the Gross Motor Group Activity

For this gross motor group activity, you will need a paper plate, paint stirrer or large craft stick, markers and a balloon for each child.

Ask the children to think of physical activities that they can complete on their own at home ie swinging, jump rope, hopscotch, dance, shoot hoops, etc.  Go around the table and ask each child for their ideas.  With each suggestion, the children write down the idea on his/her own plate.  When done attach the paint stirrer to the back of the plate.  Blow up the balloons.  The children can practice hitting the balloon up in the air.  See how many times they can hit the balloon before it falls to the floor.

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Additional Activity Idea

To work on body awareness, mark off an area.  Tell all the children to hit the balloons in the air within in the contained space.  They can hit their balloons but not each other.  When the kids can do it, make the contained space smaller.  Have the children repeat the game continuing to hit the balloon and no one else.

When done, the children can take the activity home.  Now they can practice eye hand coordination skills and when done will have lots of ideas for more physical activities.

More Activity Ideas that Include Fine Motor and Gross Motor Skills

Motor Magic - Turn Fine Motor Skills into Gross Motor Skills from www.YourTherapySource.com


Motor Magic – Turn Fine Motor Activities into Gross Motor Activities –  This is an electronic book (37 pages) of 25 fine motor activities followed by 25 gross motor activities. Each set of activities includes a fine motor project that is then used for a gross motor activity.

The fine motor activities focus on a child’s ability to perform motor tasks such as hand strengthening, handwriting and cutting skills.  Once the fine motor activity is completed the child can then use the completed project to play a gross motor game.  The gross motor activities promote muscle strengthening and physical activity such as walking, running, jumping and hopping.  The fun filled activities also promote sensory processing, balance skills, motor planning and body awareness.