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Shoes, Orthotics and Children

Here is a collection of informative blog posts to get some recommendations on purchasing shoes for children including shoes that fit over orthotics:  Shoe Recommendations for Children:  start here with this informative post of typical development of children’s feet.  There are some There are some general recommendations based on age and recommendations based on the […]

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AFO’s and Gait in Children with Cerebral Palsy

The Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation published a retrospective analysis on the effects of ankle-foot orthoses (AFO) on the gait of children with diplegic cerebral palsy.  Data was analyzed from 601 visits of 378 children with a diagnosis of diplegic cerebral palsy.  The children either wore a solid AFO, hinged AFO or posterior leaf spring […]


Postural Control and Ankle Foot Orthotics

Recent research studied the effects of ankle foot orthotics on trunk postural control and lower limb coordination in 20 children (ages 4-12) with and without cerebral palsy.  The results of tridimensional trunk kinematics and thigh, shank, and foot elevation angles while walking barefoot and with ankle foot orthotics indicated the following: significantly greater trunk excursions […]