Seated Classroom Stretches – Free Printable

Seated Classroom Stretches from Your Therapy Source

Seated Classroom Stretches – Free Printable Students and teachers tend to sit in one position for extended periods of time especially as the children get older.  Hang this handy free printable with classroom stretches to remind everyone in the classroom to take a break and stretch your muscles.  Remember to complete each stretch to the […]

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Top 10 Best Sellers for August

One of the great things about the new website, is the capability to have more accurate sales reports (Ok maybe this is just super cool to me – I love reports and stats).  Since back to school is a busy time of year for school based therapists I thought you all might want to know […]

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How Do Gross Motor Skills Affect Academics?

Most school staff are already aware of the physical benefits of exercise, such as strengthening of the heart and lungs, preventing weight gain, healthy bones, good posture and more. However, many are not aware of the potential brain-boosting benefits of physical activity with regard to school performance.  Unfortunately, students are missing out on opportunities to […]

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Scheduling for School Based Therapists is NOT FUN!

When back to school starts, school based therapists have to hit the ground running.  There is rarely time to organize supplies, review IEPs or even go to the bathroom haha!  Most therapists start the school year off with scheduling.  This is BY FAR THE WORST part of being a school based therapists in my opinion. […]

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10 Free Back to School Printables and Forms for School Based Therapists

Well folks, the time has officially come for back to school again!  Every year that goes by I feel like the summer goes faster and faster.  When school does start back up again, I do find it much easier to have a routine and to try and stay ahead of the curve.  In reality though, […]

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Back to School Handwriting Pages

Here are two free sample pages from the My School Handwriting Packet.  No matter what type of handwriting instruction methodology you are using, children need practice sessions to improve their handwriting.  These handwriting pages provide some simple copy work with back to school themed words and sentences.  You can print them full page or half […]

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Back to School Visual Perceptual Puzzle Freebie

Here is a cute freebie from Back to School Visual Perceptual Puzzles, the newest download from Your Therapy Source Inc.  Practice visual motor skills and copying skills on lunch boxes.  You can download the freebie at http://yourtherapysource.com/vpschoolfreebie. [subscribe2]   Back to School Visual Perceptual Puzzles –  Download of 12 visual motor, visual spatial, visual closure and visual perceptual challenges […]

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Back to School Pencil Challenges Freebie

Here are a few free pencil challenges with a back to school theme to practice pencil control for vertical, horizontal, diagonal and curved lines.  You can download them here http://yourtherapysource.com/pencilchallengesbacktoschoolfreebie.html Check out the complete download of Back to School Pencil Challenges.

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All About Staying Calm Glyph

A glyph is a symbol or code that conveys information nonverbally. The student follows the directions to color and draw a visual representation of the his/her information. Students can then analyze the completed glyphs and compare everyone’s information/preferences. A glyph is a nice alternative to written responses. Here is a freebie from the All About Me […]

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Get Ready for Back to School

Perhaps you have already started back to school or will be shortly.  Here are a few tips to make sure you are ready for those first few days back at school providing therapy: 1.  Stay calm during scheduling.  If you work as a school based therapist you know how stressful scheduling can be.  Just try […]