Stability Balls in the Classroom – Do They Really Help Students?

Flexible seating in classrooms is becoming more and more popular to encourage improve posture, attention and behavior. It also allows for increased movement through the school day and student choice. Stability balls in the classroom are one of the most common choices. Recent research was conducted to help determine using stability balls in the classroom […]


3 Motor Control Variables to Check On When Teaching New Motor Skills

As pediatric therapists, we learn a significant amount of information on motor control theory.  Do you always put it into practice?  When teaching new motor skills, do you stop and think about the theories and research you have studied?  Here are three motor control variables to check when teaching new motor skills:1.  What is the child’s […]

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Environmental Changes to Physical Spaces in Schools

A researcher from NJIT, Architect B. Lynn Hutchings, offers suggestions for schools to make changes to the physical lay out of buildings to accommodate for students with disabilities. Some of her suggestions are: 1. Inter-disperse related services such as speech, occupational and physical therapy throughout the school 2. Auditoriums should have ramped aisles and stages. […]