Occupational Therapy Activity Packet

To celebrate OT month (or to celebrate Occupational Therapy any time of year) we have a great FREE Occupational Therapy activity packet for you to download!

To celebrate OT month (or to celebrate Occupational Therapy anytime of year) we have a great FREE Occupational Therapy activity packet for you to download! This packet is loaded with fine motor skills, visual motor skills, handwriting and physical activity all related to Occupational Therapy. What is included in the FREE Occupational Therapy Activity Packet? […]

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Characteristics of Food Refusal in Children with Autism

The Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics published research on whether parent report of food refusal based on the characteristics of food was greater in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) than in typically developing children. A modified food frequency questionnaire was used for parent-reported food refusal related to characteristics of food (eg, texture/consistency, temperature, […]

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Proprioceptive, Tactile and Fine Motor Painting Activity

Here is a simple activity that you can modify depending upon the skill level of the child. We chose to do a name but you could make this activity much more simple by just doing lines or random designs. It could also be done on a canvas bag to make a great tote bag gift […]

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Free Sticky Note OT/PT Reminders

Print some reminders for the next occupational or physical therapy sessions on sticky notes.  Place in a student’s planner to remind teachers, parents and students when the next session is scheduled.  These are great for the start of the school year when the schedule is new.  Also, wonderful way to create independence for students who […]


Practice Screwing and Unscrewing Caps

Here is a simple activity box to create using recycled baby food pouches and the caps. I love this idea because some of the caps have a nice large diameter which can be a little easier to unscrew than a regular water bottle top for example. The smaller caps have ridges for gripping.


Online Technology for Occupational Therapy

There is a wiki available entitled Online Technology 4 Occupational Therapy or OT 4 OT. It is a website developed by several occupational therapists from around the world. It provides basic information on Web 2.0 and more. They also have a Facebook group that you can join. If you are interested in collaborating with OT’s […]


Free Download on Teaching Life Skills

Parents, teachers and therapists who instruct teens and young adults, may want to check out Ready, Set , Fly A Parents Guide to Teaching Life Skills. This electronic book was created with foster parents in mind in particular but it is very useful for all parents and therapists. The activities are graded using different levels […]


Alternatives to Written Assignments

Voice Thread is a tool to talk about pictures, documents or videos. For those children who have difficulty with written assignments, why not try using voice thread. The child can record his/her voice to go along with pictures or videos. There are so many ideas of how to use Voice Thread on their website. Check […]


Tele-Rehabilitation for Hemiparesis in Teens

A recent case study report of three teens with cerebral palsy (hemiplegia) and the use of remotely monitored in home video games was published in Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation January 2010. The three teens used a specially fitted sensor glove linked to a video game at home for 30 minutes a day, 5 […]