How to Increase Home Exercise Program Compliance

How to increase home exercise program compliance for parents of children with disabilities can be a tough question to answer.  Parents have a tough job today.  Juggling work, home life, children’s schedules, homework assignments and more can feel impossible on some days.  Add home exercise programs for parents to perform with their children in between […]

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5 Characteristics of Successful Carry Over Activities

The results are in from the latest survey when we asked pediatric OTs, PTs, parents and teachers this question –  “what characteristics of activities or exercises influences successful carry over of recommendations at home or in the classroom”? We had a whopping 320 responses!  Not surprisingly close to 70% were pediatric occupational therapists and occupational therapy […]

Follow Through with Home Physical Therapy Programs

Musculoskeletal Care published research on adherence to home physiotherapy in children and young people with joint hypermobility.  Twenty eight families participated in a qualitative study that included multidisciplinary treatment interventions including physical therapy for children (5-17 years old).  The parents and the children reported that exercise helped the symptoms of joint hypermobility.  There was increased […]

5 Simple Reminders for Exercise Programs

Therapists frequently recommend exercise programs for the classroom, home or community.  It can be difficult for individuals, teachers and parents to remember to perform the activities.  Here are a few simple reminders to increase the likelihood of completing the exercises: 1.  Set an alarm – Get an inexpensive alarm clock and set it to go […]


Set Goals for Yourself in 2012

With the start of a new year, how about setting some basic goals for yourself to accomplish in 2012. Here are a few suggestions: 1. Realistic Home/Classroom Programs – I will make every effort to provide parents and teachers with activities that are easy to carry out in the home or classroom (see below for […]

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Occupational Therapy Home Programs Effective for CP

Pediatrics has published a study on the benefits of providing occupational therapy home programs for children with cerebral palsy.  A double blind, randomized controlled trial was done with 36 children with cerebral palsy (mean age 7.7 years old).  The children were GMFCS Levels I through V.  One group was to receive and follow the OT […]

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Physical Education and Section 504 or IEP’s

There was an interesting news story this week in the Philideplphia Inquirer. A sixth grade boy with diabetes and his parents are requesting daily physical education under Section 504. The parents say that the daily exercise of physical education have helped their son “to maintain his health and alertness” to participate in school. The school […]


OT Home Programs Make a Difference!

I was so excited to find this recent research. Finally, some strong statistics supporting that occupational therapy home programs make a significant difference in a child’s life. Pediatrics published research on children with cerebral palsy who received occupational therapy home programs. There was 36 children in the study (mean age of 7.7 years old) with […]