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Proprioceptive, Tactile and Fine Motor Painting Activity

Here is a simple activity that you can modify depending upon the skill level of the child. We chose to do a name but you could make this activity much more simple by just doing lines or random designs. It could also be done on a canvas bag to make a great tote bag gift […]

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Research on a Collaborative Fine Motor Program

Ingrid King, OT, has written research on a collaborative fine motor program for 5 year old children in New Zealand.  A two phased mixed method design was utilized with 19 students in a 5 year old classroom (none of the students were receiving occupational therapy nor had a diagnosis).  To measure changes in fine motor […]

COORE – Cooperative of Occupation Related Evidence

Heard about this new venture on Twitter from @willwade. COORE (Co-operative of Occupational Related Evidence) is an open access journal for Occupational Therapy and Science evidence. The goal is to create a peer reviewed online, FREE journal to gain more evidence to support occupational therapy. The creators are looking for OT’s to help out with […]