How to Provide Explicit Instruction to Promote Successful Learning of New Skills

How to Provide Explicit Instruction to Promote Successful Learning of New Skills

How to Provide Explicit Instruction to Promote Successful Learning of New Skills Are you familiar with the instructional approach entitled explicit instruction?  It is defined as: “a group of research-supported instructional behaviors used to design and deliver instruction that provides needed supports for successful learning through clarity of language and purpose, and reduction of cognitive […]

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3 Simple Organizational Tips for Students

Students desks can get very messy but when a student has difficulties with organizational skills it can be even more difficult.  Pencils roll away, worksheets get lost or crumpled and books are on the floor.  Here are three simple ways to clean up and organize that desk space: 1.  The Anti Roll Pencil – just […]

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Pipe Cleaners and Straws

Here are three fun, unique fine and visual motor activities using pipe cleaners and straws.  Start by having the child cut up straws and some pipe cleaners into smaller pieces. 1. Alphabet:  The straws are the straight lines of letters and the pipe cleaners are the curves. 2.  Modern Colander Art: Stick pipe cleaners into […]

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Free Sample Pages for OT/PT Goals Aligned with Common Core Grades 3-5

IEP Goals Related to the Common Core for OT/PT Grades 3-5 has been published in electronic format.   Head on over to http://yourtherapysource.com/commoncore35.html and scroll down to download some free goals suggestions.  There is one freebie for higher level gross motor skill goals related to English Language Arts for Grade 5.  The other freebie is for pre-writing/writing […]

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Flower Fine Motor Activities for Spring

Here are three different ideas using the same materials to encourage fine motor skills.  To find out how to make the activities go to Your Therapy Source at http://www.YourTherapySource.com/freeflowers

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Research on a Collaborative Fine Motor Program

Ingrid King, OT, has written research on a collaborative fine motor program for 5 year old children in New Zealand.  A two phased mixed method design was utilized with 19 students in a 5 year old classroom (none of the students were receiving occupational therapy nor had a diagnosis).  To measure changes in fine motor […]

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Good Fine Motor Skills = Good Grades

New research that will be published soon in the Journal of Early Childhood Education and Development indicated that children who scored well on fine motor tasks when in pre-K had higher averages in second grade than those who scored lower on fine motor tasks in pre-K. Data was reviewed on 1000 second graders in Florida. […]

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January Issue of Digital Magazine

Here is the latest issue of our digital magazine for pediatric occupational and physical therapy. You can read articles on goals for 2012, cerebral palsy, sensory processing and print lots of freebies. Check it out below. If you can not view the document below go to YourTherapySource.com and you can download a pdf copy. Open […]

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Kids as Teachers?

Do you ever let the students that receive therapy services teach other students? Research has shown that the highest retention rate of what you have learned results from teaching others, with practice the skill coming in a close second. During therapy sessions, therapists spend hours working on practicing and learning new skills. When a child […]

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Punch Cards for OT/PT

Check out our latest freebie – Reward Punch Cards for Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapy. You can download these business cards to encourage children to achieve their goals in therapy whether it be functional or behavioral. After 10 holes are punched, the child earns a reward. Download the punch cards here.