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Voiding Dysfunction and Joint Hypermobility

The European Journal of Pediatrics published research on whether there is an increased prevalence of generalized joint hypermobility (GJH) in children with voiding dysfunction.  The participants included 226 children (5 to 14 years) including 113 patients diagnosed with voiding dysfunction and 113 sex/age/body mass index-matched normal children were recruited.  GJH was evaluated in both groups […]

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Dosing for Standing Programs

Pediatric Physical Therapy published a systemic review and evidence based clinical recommendations for dosing of pediatric supported standing programs.  After reviewing the literature the following was recommended: standing programs 5 days per week, 60-90 minutes per day, positively affect bone mineral density standing programs 5 days per week, 60 minutes per day in  30° to […]

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Free Sticky Note OT/PT Reminders

Print some reminders for the next occupational or physical therapy sessions on sticky notes.  Place in a student’s planner to remind teachers, parents and students when the next session is scheduled.  These are great for the start of the school year when the schedule is new.  Also, wonderful way to create independence for students who […]