New Ways to Play Candyland Including Exergaming

Playing board games with children offers learning opportunities to develop counting skills, color recognition, fine motor skills, self regulation and social skills.  Candyland is an all time classic.  It was created in 1948 by Eleanor Abbott, while she was recovering from polio and was tested by the children in the polio wards in the hospital.  The […]

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8 Playtime Modifications for Children with Disabilities

Whether it be at home, daycare, school or extracurricular activities, children with disabilities may benefit from modifications during playtime. Here are 8 questions to ask when assessing a child’s needs during playtime: Does the environment need to be modified? If the physical environment is adapted perhaps the child will be able to be more independent […]

Playing with Children

During this time of year, children usually have many new toys and gadgets to play with. Parents can play a supportive role in encouraging play skills and get in some fun bonding time. Here are several tips when playing with children: 1. Turn off all cell phones, televisions and computers while you are playing with […]