Kids Exercise List for the Classroom or Home

If you are looking for physical activity ideas for children at school or at home, then this kids exercise list for the classroom or home should come in handy. Of course, we can't list every single exercise but these ideas will give you a good starting point.

We all know how important exercise is for children! Research tells us that daily physical exercises can help children develop healthy bodies and minds. It can be hard to pick the best exercises for kids and you should always consult with a physician or Physical Therapist before starting any new exercise routine. If you are […]


Physical Exercise For Brain Development in Youth

Did you know that physical exercise for brain development in youth is beneficial? A recent study looked at the effects of physical activity on brain structure and function in youth.

Did you know that physical exercise for brain development in youth is beneficial?  Most likely, you would answer yes and you probably were well aware of this.  A recent study decided to take a closer look following neuroimaging techniques, to determine the effects of physical activity on brain structure and function in youth. Study on […]


Springtime Exercises – Let’s Egg-ercise!

Springtime Exercises - Let's Egg-ercise!

Springtime Exercises – Let’s Egg-ercise! Spring has sprung so now it is time for all the kids to spring up and get moving more!  These FREE Springtime exercises – Let’s Egg-ercise can be downloaded at the end of the post. Movement breaks throughout the day are so important to give children an outlet for physical […]

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Exercise and Working Memory in School Children

Pediatric Exercise Science published research examining the role of exercise on the cognitive development in children including working memory (WM) and inattentiveness in a large sample of 2897 schoolchildren (7-10 years old).  Data was collected using the n-back task (2- and 3-back), the attentional network task (ANT) and parent questionnaire with information about the extracurricular exercise of […]


New Ways to Play Candyland Including Exergaming

Playing board games with children offers learning opportunities to develop counting skills, color recognition, fine motor skills, self regulation and social skills.  Candyland is an all time classic.  It was created in 1948 by Eleanor Abbott, while she was recovering from polio and was tested by the children in the polio wards in the hospital.  The […]

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Physical Exercise and Functional Outcomes in Children with ADHD

The Journal of Attention Disorders published a meta-analysis on the possible beneficial effects of exercise in alleviating ADHD functional outcomes in children.  After searching various databases, 10 studies for a total of 300 participants on the effects of physical exercise on motor skills and executive functions in children with ADHD were included.  The analysis revealed the […]

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Exercise Rocks!

Make some exercise rocks!  Here the kids thought of some exercises and we wrote them on smooth rocks with metallic pens.  Try these activities: 1.  Scavenger Hunt:  hide the rocks outdoors.  When you find a rock perform 10 of the exercises on the rock and then return it to start.  The person or team with […]

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New Updates on Evidence-Based Practice for Individuals with Autism – Includes Exercise!

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has created an amazing report updating evidence based practices for children, youth, and young adults with autism.   This document is over 100 pages and it goes into extensive detail on how each evidence based practice was included.  I have perused the document and there is relevant information for all pediatric […]


Exercise and Type 2 Diabetes

Pediatrics published a systemic research review of a quantitative estimate of the effectiveness of exercise training on fasting insulin and insulin resistance in children and adolescents. The following results were reported: a small to moderate effect was found for exercise training on fasting insulin and improving insulin resistance in youth. The researchers concluded that the […]


Children Need 60-80 Minutes of Exercise Per Day

BMC Medicine published research on exercise in younger children (less than 10 years old) and the risk of developing cardiovascular disease.  The researchers found that there was gender differences therefore it was recommended that: boys under 6 years old need 70 minutes of exercise per day older boys need at least 80 minutes per day […]