10 Tips to Help Children with Toileting

Help Children with Toileting

10 Tips to Help Children with Toileting Whether it be toilet training a young child or helping a school-aged child with a bathroom routine, there can be many obstacles to overcome to reach full independence in the bathroom.  There are many factors to toileting such as body functions, age, physical environment, motor skills, communication skills […]

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Toilet Training and Gross Motor Skills

The Functional Skills for Kids series written by occupational and physical therapy bloggers on developing 12 functional skills for children continues today with the topic of toilet training.  Each month throughout 2016, we will discuss the development of one functional skill in children addressing the many components of that skill.  The ability to complete the […]


Bladder Function and Cerebral Palsy

A retrospective study of 214 individuals (96 females and 118 males, ranging in age from 5-66 years old with a median age 9 years 7 months) with cerebral palsy was completed to determine the prevalence of symptomatic neurogenic bladder. The participants had hemiplegia, diplegia, quadriplegia and dyskinesia. Educational levels ranged from full special education to […]