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Will My Child with Cerebral Palsy Walk?

If you are a pediatric physical therapist who works with young children you have most likely been asked by parents “will my child with cerebral palsy walk?”  Many times the response is based on evaluation results, clinical experience and research. Disability and Rehabilitation published the results of a systemic review on 1123 identified articles on prognostic […]

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Different Visual Input when Crawling Versus Walking

Child Development published research on how visual experiences changed over time in thirty, 13 month olds, who crawled or walked down a straight path wearing a head mounted eye tracker that recorded gaze direction and head centered field of view.  In addition, 13 more infants wore a motion tracker that recorded head orientation. The results indicated […]


Value of Walking

Recently a pilot study was published on the beliefs of parents and their children have regarding walking. Six parents and six children (GMCFS III or IV) participated in private interviews regarding social beliefs about walking. The qualitative analysis of the data revealed that parents felt that to be a “good parent” they needed to try […]