Planning a Therapy Session

free Planning a Therapy Session

Therapists can follow in the footsteps of teachers and create lesson plans for therapy sessions. This can be especially useful for group sessions or push in therapy. When the lesson plan is written, provide a copy to the teacher or parent to inform them of your goals for the session. It is a great way to establish better communication between the special education team. Here is some information to include when creating a plan for a therapy session:

1. Goal: Establish the primary goal of the session.

2. Materials Needed: List the equipment necessary for the session.

3. IEP Goals Being Met: List the student’s IEP goals that are being addressed.

4. Instruction:

a. Explain to the children what the goal is of the session
b. Write down all the steps you will take to reach the goal

5. Evaluate: How will you evaluate whether the goal was reached?

a. Formal
b. Informal
c. Rubric
d. Test

6. Closure: Wrap up the session reviewing and/or summarizing the skills that were taught.

7. Modifications: List any modifications that can adapt the lesson plan for each child if necessary.

Not only will you be prepared for the therapy session, you will be prepared for documentation and planning for the next session.

Lesson Plan Form