Homemade Hurdles

Make your own hurdles of different heights to practice jumping, balance and motor planning skills.  You will need 4 PVC corner pipes, two 6″ pipes, one 15″ pipe and two equal pipes in height (depending upon how tall you want the hurdle).  In total to make the three hurdles and the plus sign pipe it cost me only $8.

You can glue the pvc pipes together but I left them unglued in order to create different heights or to let the children create the hurdles themselves.  The children can create different obstacle courses with the pipes and hurdles.

The tallest hurdle I made was 12″ tall and it required two 6″ inch pipes to level it.  If you make it any taller you will need longer pipes to level the hurdle.

To modify this activity you can have smaller children practice stepping over the hurdles and crawling under the taller hurdles.  Watch the video below for more details and activity ideas.