iPads at School: An Occupational Therapy Approach
Dates = Various start dates available
location = Online Course
description = iPads at School: an Occupational Therapy Approach is an Online Course for school-based Occupational Therapists who want

* improve their understanding of the powerful role technology has in Occupational Therapy
* increase their comfort level with using the iPad and support in the set up and use of the device to promote independence and skill
* learn how to select apps based on an OT framework and based on app features
* improve their understanding of the types of categories of apps to consider in the school (or home) setting.  
                  All this and so much more!

iPads at School combines online instruction videos, reflection questions, and Action Sheets to help you learn and apply your skills to your
present caseload.  

For registration information and start dates go to:
contact = www.technologyandtoolsforkids.com
email = susanotkids@persona.ca
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Integrated Rhythms Online Course
Dates = The online course is completed over one month, with 3 hours of video course content per week
location = Online
description = The Integrated Rhythms Program is for children school-age who struggle with language processing and balance or motor
skills.  Program exercises require children to move, listen and organize speech patterns at the same time. Movements are rhythmic and
include both translational and rotational patterns.  Integrated Rhythms is a structured program that includes 8 levels of increasing
contact = www.neuronetlearning.com
email = jrrowe@neuronetlearning.com or kchristou_ergo@hotmail.com
Evaluation and Treatment of Balance Impairments for Children
Dates = online; full access for 90 days from date of registration
location = online
description = This interactive video based course provides an overview of evidence based practice addressing balance impairments in
children. Numerous video demonstrations, handouts and a complete reference list are provided.  The purpose of this course is to
present current evidence on evaluation and treatment of balance impairments in children using a systems approach.  The course
includes 3 units: 1) review of systems approach and the systems involved in postural control and balance, 2) examination and evaluation
of balance and 3) intervention targeted on system impairments.  Material is presented in an interactive, dynamic format that enables the
learner to progress, self-paced through the material. APPROXIMATELY 5 HOURS are needed to complete all units and testing. Approved
for CEUs in FL,GA, CA and TX. To register go to http://specialtytherapy.com/Online_CEU.html
contact = http://specialtytherapy.com/Online_CEU.html or 904 7628419
email = specialtytherapy@bellsouth.net
Introduction to Pediatric Vestibular Rehabilitation
Dates = online; full access for 90 days from date of registration
location = online
description = description = This interactive, video-based course provides training for advanced practice.  Included is an overview of
evidence based
practice addressing vestibular related impairments in children.  Material is organized in three units:  1) Anatomy and Physiology of the
Vestibular System:  basis for evaluation and intervention in children, 2) Evaluation of Vestibular Function in Children, and 3) Intervention
for Impairments Related to Vestibular Dysfunction in Children.  Additional resources for vestibular rehabilitation materials, to include
references within juried, peer reviewed journals, are provided.  Approved for CEUs in CA, FL, GA and TX.

email = specialtytherapy@bellsouth.net
contact = contact = http://specialtytherapy.com/Online_CEU.html; or 904 762 419 OR http://campus.educadium.com/specialtytherapy/
email = sranabpt@yahoo.com
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Advanced Practice Certificate In Pediatric Rehabilitation
Dates = Ongoing
location = Online and in Philadelphia, PA
description = Designed for physical and occupational therapists looking to study pediatric rehabilitation including early intervention,
school-based therapy or other pediatric services. Curriculum consists of three online graduate level courses with the option to add
additional course work.  Offers opportunity and resources to prepare for PCS certification through American Board of Physical Therapy
contact = jf35@drexel.edu
Infantile Torticollis &Plagiocephaly
Dates = Any time
location = Online
description = This course contains 3 sections (Background, Evaluation & Treatment) of Infantile Torticollis & Plagiocephaly and
1 Final Exam. An 80% score or better is required to pass the Final Exam. You may take the Final Exam as many times as necessary to
pass. The course content includes narration, text, images, and videos. You can start and stop your training at any time. When you return,
the course will return you to where you left off. There is no time limit for completing the course. Once you complete the course, your
completion certificate will be available immediately for download and print.

contact = info@ecourses365.com
email = bkarampt@yahoo.com
VitalStim Therapy Pediatric Certification Course
Dates = http://www.ciaoseminars.com/courseDetail.cfm?oid=174&ctid=2&evd=1
location = http://www.ciaoseminars.com/courseDetail.cfm?oid=174&ctid=2&evd=1
description = This dynamic and innovative program is revolutionizing dysphagia therapy! Speech-Language Pathologists and Occupational
Therapists will bring their facilities to a state-of-the-art-level with certification from this course. VitalStim® Therapy is the only FDA cleared
treatment approach that successfully combines Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation and traditional dysphagia techniques. This energetic
certification course will focus on topics such as muscle physiology, kinesiology of the swallowing mechanism as it changes across infancy
through childhood. Focus will also be on pathological swallowing mechanisms and processes. The basic principles and concepts of
neuromuscular electrical stimulation will be taught and the VitalStim® Therapy protocol will be extensively reviewed and practiced. The
participants will receive one-on-one attention from two instructors, a certified SLP or OT, and a PT. Through extensive hands-on labs,
attendees will apply the theory of !
neuromuscular electrical stimulation to the treatment of pediatric dysphagia. This exclusive program will provide participants with the
building blocks to implement a successful VitalStim® Therapy program and will add value to therapists, facilities, and most of all patient
contact = http://www.ciaoseminars.com/courseDetail.cfm?oid=174&ctid=2&evd=1
email = mail@ciaoseminars.com
There is Always a Reason for the Behavior:  Is It Sensory or is it Behavior?
Dates =  June 14-15, 2014 Laguna Hills, CA
description = This workshop will provide an understanding of the integrated neurobiology of sensory processing and
emotional/behavioral problems resulting in challenging behavior. Through lecture, problem solving labs, and videotape analysis, you will
learn where on the integrated sensory-emotional continuum, sensation and mental health concerns entwine. This understanding, in turn,
will allow for easier treatment planning. Treatment strategies will be specific to the home and school environment based upon active
analysis of identified behavioral concerns.
contact = www.careresourcesinc.com
email = kay.callan@careresources.net
Clinical Approach to the Evaluation and Treatment of Congenital Muscular Torticollis
Dates =  April 5-6, 2014 Winston Salem, NC
description = This program will discuss etiology, incidence, differential diagnosis, therapeutic and surgical interventions for children
with torticollis. Use of taping, Botox, and bracing will be presented. Six short video case presentations will demonstrate treatment
techniques followed by discussion. Guidelines for examination and progression of treatment, as well as discharge will be discussed in
this program.
contact = www.careresourcesinc.com, 888-613-2275
email = kay.callan@careresources.net
Connective Tissue Mobilization for Pediatric Therapists
Dates = May 9-10, 2014  Canton, MA; April 6-7, 2014 Livingston, NJ;
description = Recent research suggests that connective tissue changes may contribute to postural misalignment and movement
dysfunction in children. This course is designed to introduce pediatric Physical and Occupational Therapists to the concepts and basic
practices of connective tissue mobilization.  Through structural alignment observation, and hands on practicum, participants will gain the
ability to identify and treat connective tissue restrictions resulting in structural misalignments, which interfere with efficient functional
movement. Treatments specific to children with neuromotor impairment, musculoskeletal injury, post-surgical scars, and torticollis will be
explored. Case examples will be presented via pictorial description and video.
contact = www.careresourcesinc.com, 888-613-2275
email = kay.callan@careresources.net
Feeding Therapy: Its Not Just About Swallowing
Dates = May 2-3, 2014
location = Baltimore, MD
description = This unique 2-day course benefits pediatric speech language pathologists and occupational therapists interested in the
bigger picture pertaining to pediatric feeding disorders and who want strategies to implement right away with their clients.  Why do
children have trouble eating?  How are physiology, motor skills and behavior linked and how do the basic principles of Applied Behavior
Analysis (ABA) strengthen that connection?  How do family dynamics and parenting styles influence progress?  Why is it that a child eats
well in the clinic setting but cannot generalize those skills to the home and school?  This course answers those questions and focuses
on setting children up for success for meeting functional objectives while utilizing the premise of ABA. Participants learn how to problem
solve common roadblocks in eating and then continue to build progress by following a hierarchy of steps to success.
contact = www.careresourcesinc.com
email = kay.callan@careresources.net
Sensory Defensiveness: A comprehensive treatment approach
Dates = May 3-4, 2014
location = 701 4th Street South St. Petersburg, Florida 33701
description = Sensory defensiveness will be described across multiple age and diagnostic groups. The relation between sensory
defensiveness and emerging psychological and neuroscience theories of behavior will be considered. Clinical labs consist of training
in specific assessment and treatment techniques including the protocols developed by Patricia Wilbarger. Practicum exercises
incorporate detecting and analyzing sensory based behaviors, activity planning (the sensory diet) and the management of individual
cases using advanced clinical reasoning procedures.
contact = www.Avanti-ed.com or 805-319-0715
email = events@avanti-ed.com