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Gross Motor and Fine Motor Activity Using Colored Dot Stickers

Gross motor and fine motor activity colored dotsI am not sure why but I just LOVE colored dot stickers.  They are cheap and versatile for all sorts of activities that combine movement with learning.  Here is my latest idea using these awesome stickers:

1.  Write some numbers on colored dot stickers.  For this example, I wrote the numbers 1-4 twice.  Draw matching circles with the same numbers on a piece of paper.  For this example, the matching numbered circles were horizontally across on the paper.

2.  Place the colored dot stickers randomly on the floor (carpet works best so you can pull them off easily and they will still stick to paper).  For this example, I placed the colored dots around a balance disc.

3.  Ask the child to squat down to get a colored, number dot.  The child then matches the sticker number dot to the ones on the white paper.  Continue until all the numbered dot stickers are matched up to the numbers on the paper.

4.  Finally, the child draws a line connecting the matching colored number dots.

There are so many ways you change up this activity to challenge children in terms of reinforcing academic material (letter matching, color matching, etc.) and different movements (wheelbarrow walking, prone over a ball, up/down stairs to retrieve stickers, etc.).

How about use this activity to encourage some upper extremity weight bearing before handwriting practice?  Place the colored dot where you start to write a letter and the child has to practice writing the letter starting at the dot. 


Need more activities that include fine and gross motor skills?  Check out Motor Magic – Turn Fine Motor Skills into Gross Motor Skills at http://yourtherapysource.com/motormagic.html.

Dot Phonics Mazes

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