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Self Improvement to Help Achieve Goals

free self improvement worksheetHere is a self improvement worksheet to complete to establish what steps need to be taken to achieve a goal.   I love any activity that requires the child (or an adult like myself) take ownership of how one can improve or reach a goal.  You can print this FREE worksheet with blank boxes to write or draw in or dotted handwriting lines to use as a guide.  Download the two pages here.

This form could be used for:

  • behavior modification
  • self regulation
  • establishing sensory diet activities
  • goal setting

Here is an example of how it could be used – Student is unable to walk in a class line without touching peers.  Therefore the worksheet may look something like this:

Currently I can walk in a class line without talking.

I need to improve my ability to walk in a line without touching anyone else.

My goal is to walk in a line from the classroom to the cafeteria without touching any of my peers.

List ways to reach my goals:

  1. Stand at the back of the line.
  2. Do 10 wall push ups before I leave the classroom.
  3. Put my hands in my pockets while I walk.
  4. Hold a squishy object while I walk.
  5. Leave extra space between me and my peers while walking.

I will achieve the goal on this date:  June 25.

I can think of a few ways I could fill out the form for myself.  I need to improve being organized, household chores, time management skills, etc!  I better print this form a few times.  Download it here.