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5 Suggestions to Increase Family Involvement

5 Tips to Increase Family InvolvementHere are some simple suggestions to increase family (child, parents, siblings, other care givers, etc.) involvement in a child’s therapy plan of care:

1.  Ask the family what their goals are in terms of therapy.  Collaborate to create appropriate goals.

2.  Take your time and be attentive.  Don’t rush the family when talking about the plan of care.  Answer any questions.  Don’t allow yourself to be interrupted.

3.  Offer choices and compromise.  Make every effort to offer suitable therapy times when scheduling that works for all people involved.   If you want to meet for a team meeting every month but the family can only meet every other month, you will need compromise.  Be realistic about home exercise programs.  Every family is busy so perhaps suggesting lengthy, extensive home exercise programs is not the best choice.  Try to incorporate activities into the everyday routine.

4.  Stay positive.  No one likes to hear negative things about their child.  Keep a positive mindset and focus on the child’s strengths.

5.  Communicate.  Ask the family how they would like to communicate i.e. daily notebook, email, telephone, etc.  Once you determine how  and when you will communicate, make sure you follow through and update the family.

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