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Easy Quick Pick Brain Break for a Group

Quick Pick Brain Break for a GroupHere is a super easy brain break for a large group.  Have all the children stand in the middle of the room.   Designate one side of the room to be a certain activity i.e. running in place and the other side of the room to be a different activity i.e. squats.  Explain to the children that you will present them with two options and they need to choose what they like best.

For example:

Have the children choose from pizza or cheeseburgers.  When you say the word pizza point to the running in place side of the room and when you say cheeseburgers points to the squats side of the room.

The child quickly picks what option they like best, moves to that side of the room and begins performing the activity.

Once everyone has picked their favorite, bring everyone back to the middle and present a different choice i.e. gym class or recess, video games or watch television, camping or hotel, bowling or dancing, baseball or football, fruit or vegetables, Sponge Bob or Spiderman….

Want to review academic material?  Ask true/false questions.   Do multiple choice and have activities in each of the four corners of the room.

Mini Movements Brain Breaks

Mini Movement Breaks: This download is a collection of 60+ quick sensory motor activity cards. The mini movement breaks are quick and require no equipment. The movement breaks can be done indoors. Most of the movement breaks can be done with one child or a group of children. It does not get any easier than this to encourage sensory motor activities in the classroom or home.  Find out more at https://yourtherapysource.com/minimove.html