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3 Hand Strengthening Activities in the Kitchen

hand strengthening in the kitchen

Here are three ways to strengthen the muscles in the hands using simple items from around the kitchen:

garlic press and hand strengthening1.  Garlic Press and Mini Sponges:  Cut up and wet some  sponges.  The child puts a mini sponge into the garlic press and squeezes the water out of the sponge.  Not only does this strengthen the muscles in the hand and forearm it requires a significant amount of bilateral coordination.

tongs and sponges2.  Tongs and Sponges:  When all the water has been squeezed out of the sponges, use kitchen tongs to lift each sponge and place in a mini muffin container.

juicer and sponges3.  “Juice” the Sponges:  Wet the sponges again.  The child takes one sponge at a time and presses it over the juicer to collect the water from the sponges.