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Posturography and Sensory Integration

posturography ans sensory integration

A feasibility study was published on using posturography to monitor changes following vestibular input in children. The participants in the study included 5 children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and 5 neurotypical children. Each child received 10 minutes of vestibular swing activity with pre and post evaluations of postural stability under four different conditions and center of pressure data was collected.

The center of pressure data revealed the following:
1. The 5 children with ASD demonstrated decreased mean sway velocity in the eyes open/flat plate condition post-intervention.
2. Four of the five children with ASD demonstrated an increase in sway root mean square and a decrease in anterior/posterior sample post-intervention in the eyes closed, foam pad condition and eyes open, flat plate condition respectively.

The researchers concluded that using posturography with sensory integration warrants further investigation.

Reference: Senia Smoot Reinert, Kurt Jackson and Kimberly Bigelow. Using Posturography to Examine the Immediate Effects of Vestibular Therapy for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Feasibility Study. Early view online Physical & Occupational Therapy in Pediatrics. DOI: 10.3109/01942638.2014.975313