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5 Tips to Support Risk Taking in Children

Do you allow children to explore enough?  Risk taking is so important in childhood. This generation of children is so shielded from many risks that perhaps you and I were allowed to overcome as we grew up.  Taking a risk and achieving a goal provides a child with a strong sense of accomplishment.  Remember back […]

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Research: Analysis of Sensory Integration Therapy

The Journal of Developmental and Physical Disabilities published a meta-analysis on the use of sensory integration with individuals who have or at risk for a developmental or learning disability or delay. The outcomes from 30 studies on sensory integration therapy were reviewed and analyzed. The results were the following: 1. Studies that compared sensory integration […]

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Posturography and Sensory Integration

A feasibility study was published on using posturography to monitor changes following vestibular input in children. The participants in the study included 5 children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and 5 neurotypical children. Each child received 10 minutes of vestibular swing activity with pre and post evaluations of postural stability under four different conditions and […]

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Neuromechanical Adaptations Following Trampoline Use

Have you ever heard of “trampoline aftereffect”?  It is that sensation that you have after jumping on a trampoline.  You get off the trampoline and your legs feel a little woozy or jelly like.  Pediatric therapy sessions that include motor skill development or sensory processing skills may include trampoline activities.  Did you know that after […]

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Culture and Sensory Sensitivities

Have you ever considered the influence of culture on sensory sensitivities?  Does being from a different country or upbringing influence sensory preferences?  One would assume the answer is yes but definitive differences would be hard to categorize. The American Journal of Occupational Therapy published research on a cross cultural comparison of sensory behaviors in children […]

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Free Sensory Integration Webinars

I recently came across a company, Sensational Teaching, that will be offering free webinars on sensory integration. The first one is January 5, 2012 (tomorrow!). I asked the occupational therapist from Sensational Teaching, Katie Ryzhikov, some questions about the upcoming webinars. 1. Who is the target audience for the webinars – therapists, parents, teachers or […]

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Sensory Integration or Fine Motor Interventions?

The American Journal of Occupational Therapy published a pilot study comparing sensory integration versus fine motor interventions in children with autism. Children with autism or PDD were divided into two groups, with 20 children receiving sensory integration treatment and 17 fine motor skill treatments. The participants received eighteen, 45 minute treatment sessions during a 6 […]

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Benefits of Sensory Integration Interventions

The American Occupational Therapy Association released information on the sensory integration interventions resulting in positive outcomes. This press release discusses a review of 27 studies on the effectiveness of sensory integration therapy. The researchers found that: “Results of the systematic review suggest the sensory integration approach may result in positive outcomes in sensorimotor skills and […]