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Modifications/ Interventions to Help Children Sit Still in the Classroom

Modifications for Sitting Still Results from School Based Therapists - www.YourTherapySource.com

The Summer/Fall survey results have been posted.  Read all about the modifications and interventions that work best according to over 150 pediatric occupational and physical therapists to help students sit still in the classroom.  Based on 175 responses, the #1 intervention to help students sit still was having the teacher incorporate movement into lesson plans.  You can see all the results here – http://yourtherapysource.com/surveymovement.html

Please take a moment to answer the current, short survey on pull out therapy, push in therapy, consultations and evaluations.  THANK YOU IN ADVANCE.  Would love to hear what your caseloads look like.  You can respond here http://yourtherapysource.com/survey.html