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Free App Friday Suggestions for Pediatric OTs and PTs

free app friday suggestions for pediatric OTs and PTs

Here are a few suggestions for your OT or PT app toolbox.  Marked as FREE today but never sure how long they will last…

  1.  Tesla Toy – just tested it out quickly.  Touch the screen with one finger to create a beautiful electric field which changes if you add more fingers.  Great cause and effect!
  2. Fireworks Lab – another cute app.  Change the appearance of the firework, go to the night sky and press your firework to shoot them off.
  3. Labo Drawing Lessons – have not checked it out yet but looks worth FREE.  If you need drawing lessons on paper check out Let’s Hang Out (a twist on traditional hangman), Cut Sequence Paste and Draw ABCs and Cut Sequence Paste and Draw Monsters.
  4. ABC Fill the Line – didn’t check this one out either.  Looks like basic dot to dots.