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New Handwriting App – Handwriting Heroes Created By an OT

Handwriting Heroes is a new handwriting app developed by Cheryl Bregman who is an occupational therapist.  You may be familiar with her from another amazing app she created Abilipad which is a customizable keyboard and adaptive notepad, with word prediction and text-to-speech.  I asked Cheryl to answer a few questions about her career and her development […]

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Free App Friday Suggestions for Pediatric Therapists

Here are a few free app suggestions.  These apps are always totally free which is awesome.  I did test these out.  Gigglebug’s Face Race:  This app is super cute for some oral motor and motor planning fun.  Basically an animated creature makes a face and you copy it.  The app snaps a photo and then […]

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Free App Friday Suggestions for Pediatric OTs and PTs

Here are a few suggestions for your OT or PT app toolbox.  Marked as FREE today but never sure how long they will last…  Tesla Toy – just tested it out quickly.  Touch the screen with one finger to create a beautiful electric field which changes if you add more fingers.  Great cause and effect! […]

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Young Children May Be At Risk For Musculoskeletal Problems Due to Tablet Use

A small study examined five children (ages 3-5 years old) participating in three conditions (15 minutes each) in randomized order: 1) playing with traditional age appropriate toys to simulate free play environment (e.g. drawing/crafts, trains, toy cars). 2) playing with iPad2 with a range of age appropriate apps. 3) viewing television with a range of age appropriate programs. […]

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Free App Friday – Fingerfun and Toca Hair Salon Me

There are two free apps today (11/14/2014) that are worth taking a look to add to your pediatric therapy tool kit.  The first one is Toca Hair Salon Me.  Personally, I love any Toca Boca app but this one is super cute.  Kids can add their own pictures and style the hair.  The step by […]

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Your Opinions on the Effects of Tablet Use on the Overall Development of Young Children

We asked and 264 of you responded on what effects you think tablets and smartphones have on the overall development of young children.  Here are the highlights: 61% of the respondents were pediatric OTs. 53% of all respondents think that tablet/smartphone use delays social development in 0-5 year old children. 36% of all respondents think […]

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Free App Friday – Some Fun Apps

There are a few good apps that are free today, 2/28/14.  Here they are: 1.  Toca Boca Doctor:   https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/toca-doctor/id424209938?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D4 – This is a great app for young children.  It challenges visual perceptual skills, visual motor skills and eye hand coordination.  It works well as a reward – complete a certain number  of tasks and the child is rewarded with a mini […]