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Video Prompts to Teach Daily Living Skills

video prompts to teach ADLsFocus on Autism and Other Disabilities published a small, preliminary study on using video prompting with different fading procedures to teach daily living skills to two students with developmental disabilities.  Video prompting shows a short video clip of one step of a task,
then the participant completes that step before showing the video of the next step.  Previous research indicates that video prompting is more effective than video modeling (video of the entire target behavior all on one clip) in teaching new skills to individuals with disabilities.

The participants were two students with intellectual disabilities.  One student was a 14 year old male with autism and profound intellectual disability.  The other student was a 17 year old male with Prader-Willi syndrome and moderate intellectual disability.  The daily living skills being taught were window washing and table washing.

Using an iPod touch, video prompting was used in this study with error correction and two different fading procedures.  One fading procedure consisted of merging video clips into larger clips following acquisition of the entire skill.  The second fading procedure used backward chunking adding video clips as individual steps were acheived.  Statistical analysis revealed:

  1. video prompting with error correction was effective in teaching both daily living skills.
  2. fading the video prompts during the intervention resulted in more rapid learning and higher maintenance and generalization effects than fading after acquisition.

The researchers may extend this study and compare different fading methods with different participants.

Reference:  Pei-Fang Wu, Helen I. Cannella-Malone, Joe E. Wheaton, and Chris A. Tullis
Using Video Prompting With Different Fading Procedures to Teach Daily Living Skills: A Preliminary Examination. Focus on Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities June 2016 31: 129-139, first published on May 20, 2014 doi:10.1177/1088357614533594

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