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Concussion Guidelines for Returning to Activity and School for Children

Concussion Guidelines for Returning to Activity for Children

As pediatric therapists we may be involved in helping children return to activity and/or school following a concussion.  Of course, you should always work in conjunction with a physician but there are specific guidelines to follow.  CanChild has done a great job of creating evidence based resources to return to activity and school for youth and children. It goes through the steps you need to take based on the symptoms of the child.  In addition, once the child returns to school there are several suggestions for modifications to the school environment.

Here are 5 super helpful resources to help guide your decision making process with the child, family and physician.

Return to Activity Guidelines for Children & Youth

Return to School Guidelines for Children & Youth

Return to Activity and School Guidelines for Children and Youth (combined version)

Concussion Management Tips for Infants and Toddlers

Activity Suggestions for Recovery Steps After Concussion

Thank you CanChild for more great resources!

Need to document progress following a concussion.  Check out Mobility Rubrics.

Mobility Rubrics Cover

Mobility Rubrics – This is an electronic book of 11 rubrics to assess mobility skills in the school environment. A rubric is a scoring guide to judge performance on a specific task. Have you ever wanted to quantify school mobility tasks such as negotiating the classroom, walking in line and negotiating the school bus?. Mobility Rubrics can be used as assessment tools to quantify an individual’s ability to complete a task. By using the rubric, each individual can be scored based on the same criteria.  FIND OUT MORE INFORMATION.