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Flexible Seating Ideas – Free Visuals!


Do you suggest or use alternative seating to keep children alert and focused in the classroom?  Here are  20 FREE flexible seating ideas picture word cards for alternative seating in your classroom.

Scroll down to download your 20 alternative seating picture word cards for free.

These visuals are an excellent compliment to:


Wiggle Worms: A Guide to Alternative Seating for the Classroom digital download which includes all of the resources you need to begin implementing alternative seating strategies in a classroom.  Find out more information.

List of Flexible Seating Ideas

The free visual images include the following alternative seating picture word cards:

  1. bean bag
  2. exercise ball
  3. exercise ball with feet
  4. crate with cushion
  5. scoop seat
  6. lap desk
  7. stool
  8. air disc
  9. sit on bean bag
  10. sit on crate
  11. sit on air disc
  12. sit on ball
  13. sit on stool
  14. work on floor
  15. sit on balls at table
  16. sit on stools at table
  17. stand up
  18. stand up on balance board
  19. sit on floor
  20. sit on crates at table

More Resources to Help Students Succeed in the Classroom


Cut and Paste Sensory Diet

Cut and Paste Sensory Diet  includes 2 sensory diet books, one for home and one for school and over 150 picture word cards to reinforce sensory diets at home and at school.  Find out more information.

Download Your FREE Flexible Seating Ideas Visual Support Here

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Do You Need Alternative Seating Resources?

Wiggle Worms: A Guide to Alternative Seating for the Classroom digital download includes all of the resources you need to begin implementing alternative seating strategies in a classroom. Written by Lauren Drobnjak, PT and Claire Heffron, OT, this 20 page PDF document can help you get started right away.

Wiggle Worms: A Guide to Alternative Seating for the Classroom offers:

  1. The Benefits of Alternative Seating – Learn about why kids fidget and about the many benefits of using alternative seating in the classroom. From sensory implications to motor benefits and more, inside the guide you’ll find lots of information to support alternative seating options.
  2. Seating Options and Descriptions – Familiarize yourself with some of the seating options that are available for use in the classroom and read about the specific benefits of each so you can find the best fit for each child.
  3. Tips for Introducing Alternative Seating – Implementing an alternative seating strategy requires thinking and planning ahead. This guide walks you through: the steps of introducing new seating options so they can be used effectively and responsibly by students, ensuring appropriate sizing of alternative seating options, encouraging functional posture at school and securing funding for new seating options.
  4. Printable Materials – Inside the guide you’ll also find several printable resources including: an alternative seating contract, a letter to parents about alternative seating, rules regarding alternative seating options, page for students to use to identify which type of seating is a fit for how they’re feeling and movement break cards for the classroom.
  5. Download a sample page on Choosing the Right Alternative Seating Option




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