10 Everyday Core Strengthening Activities for Children

Core strengthening activities for children are so important to help with postural control, balance, sports and even breathing!  Here are 10 everyday core strengthening activities that children can participate in:

  1. Play in prone (lay on belly) on the floor: Prone positioning increases core stability. Try laying in your belly in prone with both arms extended (aka cobra pose). Let me tell you not only will you get an excellent stretch, upper extremity weight bearing and strengthening but you will also be tightening your core muscles to maintain the position. Tummy time isn’t just for babies.
  2. Play in quadruped position:  Play a game, build a tower or complete a puzzle while on all fours – another great core strengthening position.
  3. Play a game or do a craft kneeling at a low table or tray:  Kneeling engages the core and lower extremity muscles.
  4. Squatting Activities:  Position toys so the child has to squat down to get the next game piece or toy.  Squatting activates the core, upper back and lower extremity muscles.
  5. Extracurricular activities:  Swimming is one of the best overall strengthening exercises for children.  Try yoga, karate, dance and tai chi for other strengthening workouts for kids.
  6. Bicycle Riding:  Children have to engage the core muscles to stay upright and balanced on the bicycle.
  7. Jumping or hopping games:  Children activate the core and lower extremity muscles when playing hopscotch, jumping on a trampoline, jumping rope and more!
  8. Using playground equipment:  Using monkey bars, climbing up ladders, sitting upright when going down a slide all engage the core muscles.
  9. Heavy Work Chores:  Children can help out with carrying in the groceries, pushing laundry baskets, shoveling snow, gardening, raking, etc.  All these chores work on muscle strengthening.
  10. Exploring the outdoors:  Hike up and down hills.  Walk across logs.  Roll up and down hills.  Climb rocks.  Kids won’t even know they are working on core strengthening!

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