Core Exercises for Children – Postural Painting

core exercises for children postural painting

If you need more core strengthening activities for children check out: The Core Strengthening Handbook:  This download includes 50+ activities including: Quick and Easy Core Strengthening Activities for Kids Core Strengthening Exercises With Equipment Core Strengthening Play Ideas FIND OUT MORE. The Core Strengthening Exercise Program: This digital download includes exercises to help make core strengthening […]

How to Help Children with Low Muscle Tone

If you are a parent or teacher, you might wonder how to help children with low muscle tone.  As pediatric therapists, we often work with children who have hypotonia or low muscle tone.  Children who have low muscle tone may receive direct occupational or physical therapy services for a limited time per week or month.  […]

10 Everyday Core Strengthening Activities for Children

Core strengthening activities for children are so important to help with postural control, balance, sports and even breathing!  Here are 10 everyday core strengthening activities that children can participate in: Play in prone (lay on belly) on the floor: Prone positioning increases core stability. Try laying in your belly in prone with both arms extended (aka […]

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Towel Activities from The Core Strengthening Handbook

Here is a sample page of 7 core strengthening activities to do with children using a towel.  You can download it here  The activities are from the electronic book The Core Strengthening Handbook by Lauren Drobnjak, PT and Claire Heffron, OT. The Core Strengthening Handbook –  This download includes 50+ activities including: Quick and Easy Core Strengthening […]

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Norms for Core Strength in Children

Norms for Core Strength in Children

I frequently get asked where you can find norms to measure core strength in children.  As pediatric therapists, we sometimes use supine flexion, prone extension, modified sit ups and push ups as measures of core strength.  I don’t usually refer to the norms for core strength in children but more look at the quality of […]