Right or Left Hand Poster

Teaching children right from left can be a difficult concept.  The ability to determine whether you are using your right or left hand requires higher level spatial awareness, body awareness and motor planning skills.  This right or left hand poster is from the Right or Left Games packet.  You can download it for free (see below).

Here are some ideas for the right or left hand poster:

  1. Color it reinforcing which is the right and left hand
  2. Hang it on the wall for visual reinforcement throughout the day
  3. Hi- 5 Hands: Hang it on the wall.  Smack the right hand and say out loud “right hand” repeat with the left hand.
  4. Wall Presses:  Hang it on the wall.  Put your hands over the correct hands and perform wall presses for proprioceptive feedback to provide extra sensory feedback regarding which is the right or left hand.


Check out the complete Right or Left Games packet.

Right or Left Games

The Right or Left Games packet helps children to practice right and left discrimination, bilateral coordination, fine motor skills, balance skills, body awareness, motor planning and visual spatial skills.  The Right or Left Games Packet includes the following:

  • one page handout on tips to teach children right from left
  • 18 right and left hand action cards
  • 45 right and left sides of the body action cards
  • one game board
  • 18 cards to move along the game board ie move 2 spaces to the right, move 1 space to the left and one space up, etc.


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