Add Laughter to Your Handwriting Practice

Add Some Laughter to Your Handwriting Practice

Add Laughter to Your Handwriting Practice

Here are some FUN free decoding jokes to add laughter to your handwriting practice!  This activity was created by Thia Triggs, school based Occupational Therapist, and is part of the complete Decoding Jokes packet here.

Not only does this activity provide handwriting practice, it also encourages:

  • Executive function and problem-solving skills.
  • Visual perceptual skills including visual discrimination, and visual memory.
  • Gaze shift -needed for reading, copying from the board, and getting information from the environment.
  • Attention and focus.
  • Pragmatic language skills.
  • Auditory skills of listening and memory.
  • Group skills: cooperation, communication, and visual perceptual skills.


Decoding Jokes

Check out the complete Decoding Jokes packet.

Add Laughter Handwriting Practice