Meet the Therapist Letter Freebie for Back to School

Meet the Therapist LetterMeet the Therapist Letter Freebie for Back to School

Back to school is upon and one of the most important jobs of a school based therapist is to keep open lines of communication with teachers, staff, and parents.  Complete this FREE Meet the Therapist Letter for Back to School to start the year off right (free download at end of post).

Parents may encounter new teachers, staff, and therapists from school year to school year which can be difficult. School staff, parents and school based therapists can help to forge stronger relationships by communicating with each other.  This can be the key to a student’s success if everyone is on the same page.

The Meet the Therapist Letter can be edited in Google Slides or Powerpoint (or just print as a PDF and hand write in the boxes).  You are not able to edit the basic layout, but you can edit each text box.  You can change the job title to anything in Google Slides or Powerpoint i.e. OT, PT, COTA, PTA, Speech Language Pathologist, Teacher, etc.

This letter helps to provide information about you, your education, experience and contact information.  View the sample Meet the PT letter.

Meet the Physical Therapist Letter

When you download the freebie, be sure to edit the one page or start fresh by just typing into the text boxes.

If you want more forms and templates to increase communication between school and home check out, School and Home Communication Forms for Therapists.

Therapists, school staff, and parents are all so busy it can be hard to communicate. This collection of forms will save you loads of time. Therapists can review schedules, report on daily or weekly progress, track behavior, review IEP goals, track communication and more. It is suitable for all school based therapists. Parents can request therapist to complete daily or weekly updates especially beneficial for non-verbal children.  There are 21 forms including:

  • Therapy Schedule
  • Therapy Update 1
  • Therapy Update 2
  • Therapy Notes
  • Behavior Form
  • Teacher Communication Log
  • Parent/Guardian Communication Log
  • Weekly Log
  • Daily Log
  • Great News
  • Letter of Concern
  • Getting to Know You
  • Pre-IEP Input
  • Goal Review with Student
  • Goal Review for Teachers
  • Goal Review for Parent/Guardian
  • Therapy Lesson Plan
  • Communication Checklist
  • Therapy Survey for Kids
  • Therapy Satisfaction Survey for Parents/Guardians
  • Therapy Satisfaction Survey for Teachers

Find out more about School and Home Communication Forms for Therapists.

Read 5 Steps to Increase Communication this School Year.

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Meet the Therapist Letter